Mountain & Villages Biking - Short Scenic Hike to Waterfalls & Winery Visit - Lunch Included

After meeting in Armenistis you will be driven up to the Erifi Mountain Plateau (850m alt), an EU protected Natura 2000 Habitat Area - Nature Preserve and the starting point of the Bike Hike Tour which is located in the Pezi region, 25 minutes drive from Armenistis. The 9km of cycling here is on mostly flat mountain dirt tracks used by the local Ikarian goat herders. The trails pass through various habitats and landscapes including: forest, plateaus, boulder deserts, mountain streams, ravines and even free ranging goat herds. Numerous species of birds, some rare, reside in the area and if we are lucky we will catch a glimpse. After exploring the trails we can choose to detour for a short hiking excursion to nearby Ryakas Waterfall and its beautiful canyon with breathtaking views out to the Icarian Sea and islands beyond.

Another trail option leads us to the "Spiti Tis Mamis" an old Ikarian mountain refuge hut located at the crossroads of various paths that used to connect Ikarians travelling to different parts of the island. Returning to our starting point we begin our easy 13km downhill coast back down to the beach and Armenistis main square. The leisurely and scenic route will take us through traditional mountain villages and mostly forested terrain on a paved rural village road. More advanced rider groups can choose to descend on a downhill dirt trail. About half-way down we stop for lunch and to visit the Afianes Winery and sample a glass of Ikarian wine while learning about Ikarian wine making. There is also a small viticulture museum on the premises.

We feature the following Cruising and Mountain Bikes: Cronus Coupe (Men's), Cronus EOS (Women's), Clermont Pamir (Boys Junior), Clermont Tribal (Girls Junior). Trekking Bikes: Ballistic Coaster (Men's), Ballistic Lady (Women's)
We also provide full safety gear including helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads.

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Duration: 4-5 hrs
Start Time: Mid Morning
Total Distance: 22km =
Downhill Coasting -13km +
Dirt Trails - 9km
Level: Easy/Moderate
Transport: Jeep or Minivan
Tour Type: Private
Max Guests: 4
Start Location: Armenistis
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    from €69 Including guide, bike, helmut/safety pads, winery admission/tastings, box/picnik lunch and complimentary digital photos.

    Suitable for active adults and teenagers in "normal" condition. Expect firm country roads, some gravel passages and some steeper & faster downhill parts on the paved road segments.