Jeep Safari Trip - Wild Ikaria - Epic Landscapes - Rugged Beauty - Pirate Houses

Starting out we head west from Armenistis along the mostly flat scenic coastal road that turns into a dirt road after Nas. The views along this forgotten coast of Ikaria are breathtaking. Our first option to make a stop is after 8km to visit the ancient Roman/Byzantine bath ruins and a well preserved example of an old Ikarian stone house in Katw Proespera via a short walk above the road into the region's mountain landscape. Continuing on we pass the coastal village of Nanouras on our way to stop and visit the beautiful Monastery of Mavrianou with its marble column left over from an ancient temple that used to stand in its place.

Next we set off to reach the windswept and solitary western tip of the island at Cavo Papa, via Amalo and Kalamos villages, and all along the way we have the opportunity to visit old stone Ikarian structures, churches and other strange Pirate Era dwellings camouflaged by boulders and built into the mountain. These architectural marvels are a tribute to the Ikarians' ingenuity and creativity from a dangerous and lawless period in the island's history.

Reaching Cavo Papa, we walk a short distance down to a cliff top promenade that has spectacular and panoramic views of the Cavo Papa traditional lighthouse and surrounding Aegean Sea and islands in the distance. The optional trail that leads down to the lighthouse is a 25 minute walk each way. From Cavo Papa we start ascending into the mountains on dramatic roads making a stop at Langada (alt 700m), a culturally and historically important old village of Ikaria hidden away from pirates in a lush green valley. Here we will break for lunch under the shade of the village "platia" and explore some of the old anti-pirate dwellings and old prison while learning about the history of the region.

Leaving Langada we keep ascending to the east to reach the high mountain plateau region of Pezi and the Church of Agios Isidoros (alt 808m) with its panoramic view, bizare boulder landscapes and wild high mountain setting. The tour ends with a leisurely drive back down the mountain to the north through the pine forests and arriving to the beaches just in time for a late afternoon swim.

Our Jeep Safari Tour starts and ends in Armenistis. Our local guide drives the lead jeep at a safe speed at which everyone must follow. If you are up for the excitement you can choose to drive one of the jeeps yourself or else just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. When there is more than one person wanting to drive we take turns, with a maximum of 4 persons per jeep and 1-3 jeeps per tour.

Each jeep is issued a 2-way walkie-talkie radio with open speaker/mic so that all of the jeeps/guests can communicate with each other. This is fun and useful and allows your guide to inform you about interesting sites along the way and to communicate driving instructions. Your local guide and lead jeep driver also carries a satellite phone and first aid kit for your safety.

  • Wild Ikaria with Jeep Safari

  • Jeep Safari on the road

  • View around Agios Isidoros

  • Abandoned House near Langada

  • Lunch Break in Langada Village

  • Art or Architecture?

  • Visit to Cavo Papa Lighthouse

  • View near Cavo Papa

  • Our beach near Cavo Papa

  • On the road to Nanouras

  • View near Amalou

  • Visit to Mavrianou Monastery

  • Lunch Break in Langada Village

  • Langada Anti-Pirate House

  • Church in Langada

  • Wild Ikaria Landscapes

  • Stone & Boulder House

  • Admiring the view from high up

from €84 Including jeep, guide/driver and lunch.

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Duration: 6-7 hrs
Start Time: Mid Morning
Level: All Ages/Moderate
Transport: 4 X 4 jeep
Tour Type: Private
Guests: Max 3
Start Location: Armenistis
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